iCaptive, a complete integrated, interactive & intelligent Digital Signage network solution. The concept is simple...We place your ad in front of 100s of thousands of people, while they wait. Big Flat Screen TV panels are placed in high traffic local Businesses, Gyms, Restaurants and other places where people "wait for service". Those are coupled with our fully customizable software; which allows the total control over the content, the frequency of rotation, remote access and the ability to import live feeds of local weather, news, time, sports scores and more.

The content that are displayed on Digital Signage system is a key part in ensuring the success of the messages you wish to communicate. Information displayed needs to be relevant, effective and compelling. Each of our client where iCaptive is installed has a different purpose for Digital Signage and a different objective with the content. Whether it is internal communication, brand enhancement, customer education, local promotions, menu boards or public information, contents are very well planned, designed and scheduled on Digital Signage system.

With the help of our experienced content designers, you can convey a highly professional image to ensure that your messages are conveyed and attracts your desired audience. We are happy to assist in this area and can recommend a partner to advise and take care of all of your content needs.

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